You’ve likely planted our seed corn already, just wrapped in a different bag

SureFlex Hybrids started when a plant breeder and the owner of an independent regional seed company came together with a simple idea… to offer farmers the freedom to operate and grow as they wish without having to compromise genetic integrity. As a business that is 100% independently owned and operated, we understand the importance of YOUR bottom line.

As ‘Farmers Helping Farmers’, SureFlex Hybrids is a grower-focused business, where every bag from start to finish is owned by us, and we offer a wide range of hybrids to meet your farm’s operational needs.

Don’t miss this exclusive offer, available to a limited number of corn growers for a limited time! $80 per bag, delivered right to your farm. Click the link below to view our hybrids, and then CALL US AT 833.300.9797 to place your order today!

“Hands down, this corn performs!” 


At Sureflex Hybrids we know the importance of data, and as harvest results come in we will share them with you. 

We know farmers… we are farmers… we are farmers helping farmers, and we are offering our corn, delivered to your farm for $80/unit for a limited time to help US farmers. Don’t miss out!

Check out our video testimonials below.

Penetration in the Marketplace

SureFlex Hybrids has made a tremendous impact across the US and beyond with our standard $97/bag corn, and we expect to increase our penetration with our limited time $80/bag offer.   

So how can we do it? Unlike the Big Seed Companies, we don’t have a bunch of shareholders or all the overhead. We own the product and can do what’s necessary to make this offer to make your 2021 season as profitable as possible.


We’ve decided to share with you the grower our cold and warm germination results directly from Sodak labs.

The PDF below lists every lot number from the 2020 sales year, and we will be sharing our 2020-2021 results as they come in.

Another industry first from SureFlex Hybrids.


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