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$97 Corn Shipped Direct to Farm

At SureFlex Hybrids, we develop the varieties, grow, harvest, and package our seed, and we sell it for $97 per bag, shipped directly to the farm. 

No Membership or Hidden Fees

SureFlex Hybrids is 100% independently owned, and we own our seed without the rules and regulations that restrict others. No royalties or licensing fees are being kicked back to the ‘big three’.

We Own The Seed Germplasm

SureFlex offers time-tested and proven genetics. All our seed exceeds industry standards with a warm germination rate of 93% and a cold germination rate 85%. Our hybrids range from 78 to 118 day relative maturity.

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  • Good Seed Genetics



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Completely Independent
and Free From Big Ag.

SureFlex started when a plant breeder and the owner of an independent regional seed company came together with a simple idea… to offer farmers the freedom to operate and grow as they wish without having to compromise genetic integrity. As a business that is 100% independently owned and operated, we understand the importance of YOUR bottom line.

37 Hybrids Ranging From
78-118 Day Relative Maturity

We offer a wide range of hybrids to meet your farm operation needs. SureFlex offers time-tested and proven genetics with a lower price tag. In the 2020 growing season, Sureflex Hybrids conducted over 300 stand counts and we confirmed that our quality is second to none at 97.2% germination.

Check back with us as our range of hybrids is broadening.


The Power of SureFlex Hybrids

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Total Savings
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